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Holiday Recipes

Are you stressed about friends and family coming over for the holidays... with no clue what to serve them? Skip the gross junk food and tasteless take out will ya? Serve your loved ones something homemade and yummy from a brand-new cookbook collaboration of writers and bloggers who met on Twitter and are building a strong #writerscommunity. We don’t just write books, we have busy lives, special traditions and families just like you.

This book in e-form is FREE almost everywhere but Amazon. Bah humbug! (Wish they would finally make it free like everyone else has. Please help the cause and report the higher price under product.)

Sensational Writers + Holiday Recipes #writersrecipes on Twitter and Instagram. Gorgeous drinks that will make you croon “Santa Baby,” savory dishes and appetizers, and incredible desserts.

The food essays and anecdotes before the recipe are sure to put a smile on your face. This was a super cool project to work on and I am grateful to every person who gave us a piece of their heart along with it. Book reviews and shares with comments or photos on social media are very much appreciated. It really does take a village to launch a book, this one includes lots of whipped cream, cinnamon and a drink called a Blue Angel that author Rick Pryll named a ‘mind eraser!’

Maybe save that one for after Black Friday shopping? As we say at my house, chin-chin Chewbacca!

Three cheers for the generous cookbook contributors and authors you should know: Bibiana Krall, Veronica Cline Barton, Cynthia Raleigh. M.G. Wells, Amanda DeHaven, Katie Mettner, Derrick Marrow, Morgan Wright, Heather Karn, Rick Pryll, Amy Reade, C.M. Turner, Alex Bailey, Serena Hassan, J.W. Garrett, R.J. Garcia and Steven Patchett

Enjoy every minute! Happy Holidays everyone!

Sensational Writers + Holdiay Recipes is available on Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Walmart, Amazon and many many more. Just use the universal link to find your store.

Download your #Free e-book and let's get cooking

Lulu paperback priced at cost

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