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All Bibiana ever wanted to do was dance, travel the world and tell stories. 


Space and time in-between the creative parts feels dense and dark, like the haunted woods tucked behind Corvus Hall (Book #1 The Irish Phantom Series.) The series continues with Loftus Hall #2, The Rage of Danu #3 and Mont Pelier #4. All four stories are linked novellas and a bit experimental.


The author cut her teeth on Poe and James, as in ghost stories than can sometimes be a living person dealing with their demons or it can be a spectral visitor from the other side...


Even she is not entirely sure where this story came from. A few trips to Ireland can inspire a lot. Night driving through the serpentine mountain roads, racing the Shannon River and escaping for the night to a fantastic castle in Co. Clare as it jumped its banks. Unforgettable adventures become moments that trail through dreams like shooting stars and awaken her when she doesn't expect it.


More often than not, it feels like it’s far more than that. As if watching a documentary about a haunted life that she doesn't remember. You will savor and taste the creamy potato and black pepper in the colcannon, and roasted venison in a gothic dining room. It was storming outside, but it is warm and cozy with your true love. Smell the brimstone coming off Mannan and hear the insistent crows pecking on the dormers.


Mont Pelier, Book #4 is here! Read the entire series and gorge on dark fiction filled with folklore and mystical elements.














Coming Soon!







Dare we try to understand how something troubling and mysterious called a young woman across the Atlantic Ocean. Why is Danu is so furious and what are the mystical ladies at the library really up to?


Thank you to the amazing readers, bloggers and bibliophiles helping make this series a success. Bibiana hopes that it thrills you the same way it does her. CORVUS HALL, LOFTUS HALL and THE RAGE OF DANU are all available for purchase and now the fourth book MONT PELIER is on the shelf nestled beside her sisters.


Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

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