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Welcome to Bibiana Krall & Black Calyx Books!

Relish your downtime with stand-alone short stories and novellas brimming with mystery, suspense, and speculative elements that embrace the heroines journey. Culturally-diverse characters abound, all written from a female perspective! Scroll down to view and click any infographic to read an excerpt, share on social media and purchase one today!.

Full library available on Bibiana Krall Amazon Author page here. Check out cinematic book trailers on YouTube. Thank you for your interest and happy reading!

Moon Clouds

"A night of terror in a homeless shelter brings two unlikely heroines together to fight pure evil..." 

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"San Francisco, ghosts and hippies? Oh yes! Scary and atmospheric, this story is unique and terrifying."

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When a dementia patient shares a secret, it reveals a world invisible to most with dark messengers, dire warnings and perhaps knowledge the living is not allowed to have?

Will the harbingers of death allow Chantal to walk away?

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Urban legends don't exist... do they? Take a walk on the dark side of Warsaw and meet the driver of the Volga Black. "Crazy, wild and dark, dark themes. I couldn't stop reading!" 

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Volga Black
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