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Bibiana Krall is an award-winning, American author who earned an M.A. in Fiction and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University CW. She is honored to be a member of The Society of Midland Authors and a Deep Center Writing Fellow.


She feels fortunate to live with her awesome family in the atmospheric, Deep South and is a hard-working speculative, mystery, suspense, and gothic writer, (31 titles and counting on Amazon.)


Her work has appeared in,The Drabble, Two Drops of InkPoetry Leaves and recently as a literary NFT, published by Nifty Lit.


As a four year old child, she envisioned a map of her life as she sky-watched and dreamed of the cosmos. Little did she know that things don't always go as planned.

Words, dreams and ideas running through her head became so pervasive one day, that she picked up a pen and paper and hasn't looked back since.


Equality, body autonomy and social justice for all people is integral to continue to strive for.


She is a free-thinker, a protector and advocate of connecting to the natural world and a lifetime supporter of The Arts.


The author taught as a Deep Center Writing Fellow, as a mentor and educator in The Young Author Project. A non-profit 501-part C organization that seeks social justice and offers space for diverse teens to tell their stories from all over Chatham County. 


Bibiana collects modern art, perfume, unusual jewelry, exotic spices and anything else that will fit in her carry on.


Exploring wild and mysterious places has been a lifetime joy and feeds her storytelling.


Thank you for joining her here!


If you are struggling with your writing as a creative person, or experiencing feelings of isolation, you are not alone.


Books, short stories and poetry have always been a place of comfort and she hopes that you find something in her library that resonates with you. 


Reach out, let's talk about the human connection between fiction and real-life. Imagine and create a better world through storytelling.


Stay the good path, keep dreaming and remember to embrace, wonderful, unique, irreplaceable, incredible, you.

Take care out there. -Bibiana

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