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Strange Brew

Last night was sheer madness, oh what to say?

Hurricane Sally was tracking in hardcore on the radar. My husband was working out of town in Pensacola and saw a mattress, yes that’s right… a mattress float across the water-logged road as the storm came in yesterday afternoon.

I was busy at home working on a new book trailer for U.K., suspense author, Brenda Guiton and making ‘Ed from Miami’s Cuban Stew’ and not super worried, as the storm was headed due north from the Gulf, not directly towards Savannah. It is #WTF2020, so anything can happen and pretty much it has…

Needing a laugh for a minute, I played 90s trivia on Biz and Buzz with the crew, Dr. Summer Watson and creative dynamo from Houston, Sharon Lee Zapata. Y’all missed a lot of fun if you weren’t there on Instagram. It happens every Wednesday from 9-10 p.m.eastern on the Kore Women Instagram page via LIVE. Anyway awesome, cool.

Time for bed right? Yay!

At 11:30 p.m. the power went out, my phone rang immediately and it was my kid calling from their bedroom, like ten feet away.

‘What?’ So I got up and somehow the power was back on and the light strand was going nuts like it had a short.

‘There’s a shadow man in my room and I think it’s because of the crucifix I bought at the thrift shop two days ago.’

‘Come again? What, what?’

Haunted crucifixes. Gah. Am I the only one who immediately thinks of Linda Blair?

I was so tired. So very, very tired. Maybe there was a shadow man, but I was grumpy and needed my sleep. For a second it dawned on me, how absolutely quiet it was, literally as still as a mouse outside. Which I can tell you from experience is quite unusual when a hurricane is coming through.

Lights go out again.

Pitch freaking dark. Then I find out my kid had called a friend and was leaving to go spend the night. It was almost midnight. They are almost nineteen, so I didn’t try to stop it. That’s old enough to make your own decisions, although I wasn’t thrilled about being left alone with who knows what was going on…

I write bizarre things sometimes that are actual events i have experienced and supernatural things…but I am (mostly) logical.

Maybe I should have some ice cream before it melts?

So they did leave and I was left in the dark with my portable LED camp lantern wondering what else the night had in store for me?

I finally fell asleep, while jumping every time I heard a sound in the kitchen. Stir Fry Beauregard our rescue cat was not happy to be left behind by his best friend.

Anyway I finally drifted off only to be awakened by my husband on the phone

just before daybreak, asking if we were okay, as a tornado touched down close to the house after three a.m.

I slept right through it. Go figure.

Which thing would scare you more? The dark? The shadow man or a tornado dropped from a hurricane?

Seriously this year has been a hot mess. It’s enough to make you lose it, or believe in things that hopefully are not real. I shall get back to you on that! (Watch the Hearth Fires playlist here and listen to some amazing music too!)

Anyway I just wanted to share my super-strange night and also thank all the lovely people reading the latest, a spooky collection written especially for women who love mystery and suspense, Hearth Fires you rock for leaving such kick-ass #book reviews. Veronica Cline Barton and I are delighted that people are digging it! Halloween is almost here! Apparently last night was all about the tricks? I didn’t have the ice cream.

Don’t forget that every person who lets us know by the 20th of September they are reading or have purchased the book, that we are doing a drawing for the coolest crown and cape for one very, lucky person (go look at her gorgeous blog to see the photos) that person will also get a signed paperback from us to enjoy again and again. Happy Halloween y’all!

In a few days I will write down the recipe for the amazing stew a very nice man named Ed gave me at the grocery store the other day. Just glad to be here in the light, no shadow men, no tornado and the chance to make today a powerful one. Hurricane Sally is still rolling through, so we shall see! Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.

Dialing it down with some chamomile tea. Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle then Read or Write. Xox. –Bibiana

If you need something spooky, or atmospheric to read, boy do I have the books and shorts stories for you!

Check me out on Amazon and let me know what you think! Enjoy the spooky season with a title from Bibiana Krall and Black Calyx Books! Thanks again for supporting Hearth Fires, it's the perfect read to get you ready for the best time of year! Enjoy cinematic trailers on YouTube and thanks for subscribing! If you somehow missed the #BOOKEM channel on You Tube roll on over and watch Veronica do her thing this week with the most intense, holiday light display in the entire state of California!

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Sep 19, 2020

Oh my gosh! 👻 So from here on out I am putting up all the bathrobes! Lol. I’m glad the chenille “shadow man” didn’t get you!

You’re absolutely right though that the mind can play tricks on us. I would dare say this time of year that is amplified by the longer nights and sometimes rainy or extra dreary days. Perhaps that’s why mystery and suspense always feel so perfect for autumn? 🥰📚✨


Joan Laws
Sep 18, 2020

I shared a bedroom with three other sisters. Every night when one of them turned out the light the “Shadow Man” appeared. I was terrified and since no-one else saw him I thought he was after only me! 😳😱

After an investigation by my oldest sister we all found out the shadow man was my sisters bathrobe that hung on the back of the door. So, when the light was turned out and the door closed he suddenly appeared. 😂.

Oh, the imagination of a child.

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