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I LUV U LUCY : A Supernatural Love Story

by Bibiana Krall and Tony Bianchi



Meet Tony Bianchi of iOscape Studios who is collaborating with Bibiana Krall and co-writing a novel slated to be developed into a feature film. 


The seed of this psychological suspense and supernatural mystery is an atmospheric, short film produced by iOscape and originally written by Tony Bianchi that brings together elements of love and the supernatural while making the impossible real, believable and unforgettable.


Anyone who knows Bibiana's previous work realizes that ghosts might show up in many types of stories, but this one goes a step further by exploring metaphysics where the connective power of love is dip-dyed in a modern gothic with a nod to Hitchcock and his dark muse, the talented novelist, Daphne Du Maurier.


It's an interesting and dynamic project to collaborate in real time, and adapt multiple genres, as they both have vivid imaginations and want more than anything to connect with others via story, be it on screen or the pages.


Do you want to be an important part of this creative collective? Please sign up to be on the ILUVULUCY, street team for Beta and Arc readers here. 


Stay tuned!


If you are an investor, or executive producer interested in knowing more about this #booktofilm project, please contact iOscape Studios. Thank you for supporting this project!

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