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Get in touch here for collaboration inquiries or simply to ask a question. She looks forward to connecting with you. Bibiana is available for in-person readings, signings, speaking engagements, library presentations, book club chats, podcast conversations, panel discussions and author interviews. Talking about story and the power of fiction is one of her favorite things to do. Thank you for taking the heroines journey!


* A gentle reminder to people out there with a little extra. Due to the extreme issues happening in our world, many people, including children, low-income workers and seniors are lacking in healthy food, books to read, personal care items, weather appropriate shoes, clothing, clean drinking water and fresh fruit and vegetables.  Please donate new or gently used goods to charity, and give what you're able to your local food bank. Please be extra patient and kind with others, we are all going through something. Thank you for your generosity! She looks forward to connecting with you! ​


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