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Things, much like this year are rarely how you imagine they will be, but I have learned from this important lesson to expect less and be more open. This is not about having a negative perspective, but the idea that when we have a pre-formed illusion of something, a person, situation or even a place… it can hold us down and keep us from enjoying something for its intrinsic value.

For the first time in ages I went on a dinner date with my best friend, my rock, and my super-cool husband. We didn’t dress up or do our normal five-star type of place. Savannah has many and there's always a new one to try. We are foodies and well traveled, so the dining experience is almost a spiritual thing for us…almost.

This relaxing experience is called The Wyld. You drive through a neighborhood that is showing visual signs of the tough year we’ve all had, then boom there it is. A gravel road with parking adjacent to the marsh, a dock that many use to tie up boats and arrive and a funky indoor-outdoor restaurant where you order at the reception and they bring the food to you afterwards.

It began storming the second we got over the bridge to the Southside of Savannah, to that in-between place I’ve always known as Sandfly. Then when I almost gave up, the clouds pinned back a pink sunset and the oppressive August heat let go for a few minutes.

Adobo marinated, local fish tacos and some fried okra arrived. I opted for a painkiller and my better half had a glass of red. The food was superb and a skilled pastry chef named Bianca tied with me on the best Key Lime pie recipe. How did the heck did that happen???

Painkillers have a rambunctious history for me on the Caribbean island of Virgin Gorda with a local character named “Speedy,” but I digress. If you are a fan of Pussers Rum (I certainly am!) you might put this version on a level two… my normal is a four. No apology from this pirate!

People watching, great food and company is part of what I have missed from the past few months of watching news that makes me cringe, feeling compassion for others, and the Georgia, rubbernecking phenomenon of watching car crashes as entertainment. SMH.

Bottom line, as I indulged in a little R & R with my favorite person to spend time with other than my family, and closest friends, I relaxed, felt happy and even a bit nostalgic.

Writing constantly, helping produce and edit new content for a YouTube collaboration #BOOKEM and publishing yet another book this year has been a rollercoaster ride.

Everything away from survival feels harder and more like a quest for the Golden Fleece. What I never expected to carry was the deep sense of accomplishment that I enjoyed the very first time I put my creative words out into the world––almost five years ago this October.

Life is a journey. Writing is a journey. Learning to find your own level and your own pace is a huge and important part of that too.

I was supposed to be getting ready for my date; instead I was in my other happy place, the kitchen. We were out of eggs, (of course) so I made my own with ground flax seed and water. Flour, salt, olive oil was combined with the fake eggs to make dough for pierogies.

Totally messing around with a skull-embossed rolling pin I’d just received in the mail. A kickass gift from Grandma Ellie, the founder of the Culinary Coterie. This is a fictitious character in a new story created by my fabulous co-author, cozy mystery writer, Veronica Cline Barton.

Join a secret women’s, culinary society in Louisiana by pre-ordering the latest ebook.

HEARTH FIRES, is a new collection of six, spooky and eclectic stories that will take you across the world on adventures and throw in a few Halloween thrills. The paperback is coming soon as well! Publish day is Labor Day, September 7, 2020.

Book reviews and buzzy posts to get your friends in on the party are welcome!

Please get in touch with one of us, if you have a book club or group who want us to come say hello virtually or offer review copies at a discount to get our future fans reading!

Anyone who knows my writing and Veronica's realizes that we don’t do gore and don’t glorify death in any way, but I certainly talk about whatever is on my mind and add suspense, atmosphere and paranormal mystery to everything that I write. Thank you for helping me celebrate my twenty-second story title!'s hard to concentrate right now and even tougher to sit still, I get the cabin fever thing and restlessness…no one can travel right now, unless they have a lot of resources or a private jet, (level-A goals!)

In this collection you will see, smell, taste and hear what its like to walk in Louisiana, Savannah, Salem, Big Sur, Scotland and Paris and also experience the eerie phenomena that is the Ouija. It isn’t necessarily about using one, but the Ouija theme is a common thread in each story.

Let’s take a spooky adventure together with HEARTH FIRES to revel in the magical time of year where the seasons change and the harvest moon casts her mystical spell. If you come to Savannah, let's head out the Wyld and if we opt for a few “painkillers,” ... there's always Uber.

It takes a village and I am ever so grateful to the Literati, my friends and loyal readers for encouraging me every day with book reviews, feedback and real support to keep going and actively grow in my craft every day. You are the real rock stars and I cannot thank you enough for this!

Take care out there.

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write.

Xox Bibiana


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