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Wolves Hunt

'If it seems too good to be true...'

This is a writer beware post. I’ve had a lot more issues recently with strangers reaching out. Emails are being sent to my site claiming that I requested info from them about publishing, web site creation or whatever. I didn’t and I know full well that I didn’t. DO NOT CLICK or OPEN a link in an email like this! It could potentially be harmful to your computer and expose your personal data.

Parasites need fresh blood or they die.

If you are a working writer or a newbie, please, for your own sake listen up.

A brilliant friend of mine who is also a writer got an unsolicited call only a few days ago. It went something like this:

‘Good morning Lady Greystoke! This is X, Y, Z Publishing. We love your book entitled (Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire) and we want to help you get this AMAZING book to where it deserves to go!’

‘Beg pardon, who is this? How did you get my number? Where are you located?’

We can stop the bus right here….because a legitimate publishing house will never, ever cold-call you. Nor will they easy breezy talk over you, while you try to hold down your elation that the big break might truly be here. Squee!

I wish it for you and myself, I truly do.

If you are fortunate enough to have a literary agent, they are the lucky ones who get to talk to the publishing house and hash out the money details. That’s kind of the point…they only make money when you make money. Win-Win! An ally to the highest power sounds pretty great!

If this caller works for a vanity press or book festival, pretty soon after the random phone call, where they tell you how wonderful you are, they will also let you know how much it will cost you to keep them assuring you that you are the rarest pearl… upwards of 3K or more potentially.

Sky + Limit.

Customer service in the time of Covid-19 is almost zero. Parasites seem to have grown even more ready to zap anyone out there who isn’t mentally prepared to do battle.

Why would you pay some random company extra money when your book is already published? DON’T do it okay?

Now if it’s a representative from Penguin or Random House…cool!

Look them up; verify whom they are, before you give them any personal information. Anyone who is legitimate will have complete transparency. They will be listed on the company site and have an email listed there too. Go ahead and send a short follow up email afterwards thanking them for considering you and your project. If they are who they say they are, you may have just crossed over into the land of supersonic dreams.

Let’s be clear though. NOBODY in the legitimate book business has time to cold call or email anyone. If they aren’t expected or have a personal recommendation from someone you know, something is very wrong.

Do yourself a huge favor, get more info and look them up. What did your gut tell you? First impressions tend to be pretty solid. Or check out the excellent “writers beware” blog or just ask someone you trust in the writing community, asking if they have had something similar happen.

We are all individually responsible for our future, but I hate to see anyone in these tough, economic times spending money they don’t have for something that is no different than learning on your own how to master the challenge that is self-publishing, technology and digital marketing.

This insidious trend of preying on writers is not okay. Do yourself a huge favor. Don’t fall for it.

You wrote a book. Incredible. Fantastic! Just try to take care of yourself and keep writing. I realize that it’s tough to get it all going, but it’s worth it. There are no shortcuts for anything worth doing. There never will be. Support other writers for real. Buy and read their books, leave them reviews, and tell your friends if you think that they would enjoy it.

Lift up creative people in any way that you can, and remember to trust your intuition. It is your oldest friend and will help you navigate the depths.

Please understand that I am not saying don’t trust anyone, but you have to be smart about it. Writing is not just a dream, it is also a business and you should act accordingly.

Good luck out there! I am not online all the time, but if you ever have a question about writing, or desire a guest on your podcast, radio show or vlog, please come find me on my site or connect on social media. Thank you for being an important part of my creative journey.

A quick shout out to my colleagues Amy Reade and Veronica Cline Barton on #BOOKEM our down-to-earth, YouTube show where we chat all things bookish. I am so blessed to have these fabulous ladies and accomplished authors in my circle.

If you have not checked out our new, book releases please swing on over to Amazon and take a peek at our author pages.

A brand new collection of eclectic and spooky stories is almost here. It’s a #lockdown #quarantinelife collaboration with Veronica Cline Barton and myself. Coming soon! HEARTH FIRES. Watch the stunning book trailer on YouTube below.

It’s a wicked good, six-story anthology to carry you forward into the autumn season with style. It’s also a way of traveling the world when we are all stuck at home. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Take care out there! Thank you for your amazing support!

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana


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2 commentaires

26 juil. 2020

Thank you so much for reading and talking about your own experience. I hope it saves someone time, money and effort. You are right that we are all more vulnerable and I hope that people will trust their instincts more. After all, it’s what kept our ancestors safe when the “wolves” were right outside the cave. Keep shining your light!


Cathy Maza
26 juil. 2020

Fantastic post that's very timely! Just the other day I was shaking my head at yet another scam email that had somehow made its way through my browser filter. Of course, I've seen these things (and had the phone calls) for years but the sheer volume of them lately is crazy. I know how to judge what's real and what's not, but I keep thinking about newer writers or those who aren't quite as jaded as I am to begin with. People are extra vulnerable right now and the vultures are circling for sure. Lean on your writer friends and fortify!

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