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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings | Bibiana Krall

The holiday approaches tomorrow and what happens? Many of us immediately think about what we don’t have, the people we miss dearly and the elusive ingredient that’s more often than not is missing.

Years ago I met a lovely jewish family that had a tradition of looking at photo albums of the ones who could not join anymore. Memories and anecdotes were shared of the quirks and habits that make each one of us unique.

Rather than keeping the dismal perspective of what you don’t have, consider turning your focus to what you do. Every day is another opportunity to change the dynamics, to try a little bit harder with people who don’t see you and acceptance they might never have that connection you hope for.

We have all heard, “Clear your plate, someone, somewhere is going hungry.”

Now more than ever it’s important to force your vision to land on what is and what could be. I have a lot to be grateful for this year; I promise not to bore you with the details, but family easily takes the number one slot.

Please call on your patience with extended family, difficult people and other situations beyond your control. Strive for good memories and moments that will enrich your life.

Take five, find a quiet spot and consider what is good and use that positive energy to seek what will fill you up and make you understand that nothing is ever perfect, but what you choose to hold onto will make all the difference in how you see things.

If you have not yet discovered my books, Carolina Spirit is my recommendation for you to understand how deep the river runs. In your life and in mine, nothing grounds us better or is more precious than love, loyalty and devotion.

Wishing you true love, enthusiastic friendship and all of the beautiful things you wish for in your amazing dreams. Happy Thanksgiving, from my house to yours.

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Write or Read. Xoxo


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