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A Message to My Younger Self

A Message To My Younger Self | Jeyran Main

I have wanted to write this article for a while. At the age of 35, I feel that due to many unforeseen occurrences, I have had to go through a lot. Whether it has been hardship or success, both have made me the person that I am today; and if I were going to leave a message to my younger self, the following would be it:

1. Accept Your Beauty

Don’t allow the exterior of your body become the focus of your happiness or sadness. Spend more time changing your inner self and better yourself from within. There are always going to be something in your life, superficial, that you will pick at and not like. There is nothing more attractive than having a beautiful personality. You cannot control what happens outside, you can control the inside, so accept your beauty.

2. Meditate

There are thousands of articles and research done into the benefits of Meditation. I cannot emphasize more on how proven this method is to be much calmer, less stressed, happier and better in your life. It even prevents you from getting diseases. I cannot emphasize enough on how better you will feel if you just spent a little time, every day, to meditate.

Meditation basically triggers your parasympathetic nervous system in your brain. This means it activates the one thing that is triggered when you sleep and that’s why sleeping is so important. By Meditating you become more aware and active in your life. Another great effect meditation has on the body is that it makes you equanimous. Your reaction to people’s action changes. You won't respond the same way you do when they attack you or say something hurtful to you. You obtain control over your reaction, towards anything that happens to you and that my friend, is priceless.

3. You Are In Charge of Your life

Stop waiting for someone to come into your life and change it for you. If you want to lose weight, just do it. If you hate your job, just quit. If you want to go to school, just find a way to get in.

You are in charge of your life. There is no dress rehearsal, and there are no second chances. The time you are on earth is all you have, so make it happen and stop waiting for others to fix it for you.

4. Validate Yourself

Find time in the day to validate yourself. We are very good in judging ourselves. We are constantly complaining about ourselves and not appreciating what we are actually good at. Start looking at things you do right. Give yourself a hug. Pat yourself on the back. Don’t wait for someone to compliment you. Do it yourself.

5. Do Not Settle

Whoever you choose to be with has to match exactly what you want as a partner. Do not settle for anything less than you believe you deserve. The same applies to any situation that falls in your life. Do not settle for anything. Even if the food you get served at a restaurant is not what you wanted, send it back.

6. Your body is your home

Your energy and your soul live in your body. It is vital you take care of it. Don’t keep giving it junk food. Take care of your body.

7. Don’t Get Attached

We live in a very materialistic world. Everything you have and feel that you “own” on paper is in fact, not really yours. You won't be taking it with you after you die, so just enjoy it and appreciate it but don’t get attached to it. The same applies to friends and family. People will come and go, and you should just enjoy the time you have with them. This is probably the hardest thing to do but try, the average of 5 of your friends. Stop right now and think, because it will help you in your future.

8. You are about 5 of the most important people you spend time with in your life. They have to be people you enjoy and learn from otherwise do not waste your time hanging around the ones that barely give you any fulfillment. Be conscious of who you spend your time with.

9. Self – Belief, I know it may sound hard to do, but you really have to fake it to make it.

If you look at everyone you see as successful, it isn’t because they were the smartest, prettiest, or better than you. It is only because they believed in whatever crazy idea they had. They believed in themselves, and that’s what got them ahead of you. If you believe, you will be able to do it. If you think you can't, then you won't. Since everything in life starts with self-belief, then believe in yourself, and I promise you, you will make it.

Written by Jeyran Main " "Let your dream be your North Star."

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