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Indie Spotlight: America's Royal Family

Indie Spotlight: America's Royal Family by Lily Amis

Welcome to #IndieSpotlight Lily! Thank you so much for joining me here. Today we are talking about your new book and offering a sneak peek of what it's all about!

America’s Royal Family, an illustrated book, is a reflection of our society. Thanks to social media many people forget the important values in life these days. Our brains are overdosed with useless information and we all are affected by it whether we like it or not. The really precious and priceless gifts in life such as love, family and friendship are becoming irrelevant. Despite of the global-connection to strangers more people feel lonelier, isolated, unloved and unappreciated than ever. Tired of our selfish, social media, superficial, selfie and body-obsessed society, a lonely girl looking desperately for love and family decides to make a change in her life. Not wanting to spend another isolated and loveless Christmas ever again, she journeys to find America’s Royal Family. On her long and not so promising way from Zurich to Los Angeles, with stops in New York and Washington D.C., she meets a few celebrities with whom she exchanges deep, eye-opening, touching and funny conversations.

Will she find America’s Royal Family? Will she achieve her dream of not spending Christmas alone? And the most important question of all: Who is America’s Royal Family? You will have to read and see!

At first the story seems to be superficial, and in a way it is, because it is a reflection of the stupidity of our social media and body-obsessed society of 2016. But once you start to read you understand the deep messages between the lines and the fact that despite all the superficiality we all feel lonely and we all wish to be loved.

Adult cover

The printed Book contains 26 colorful illustrations by Lily & Sima. The E-Book contains only 20! If you like to see Lisy with ALL celebrities and Americas Royal Family, please get a copy of the print book. The book is available in two versions. One is for adults and one for children.

Whether you’re an adult or a kid this book is a fun-read and a lovely special Christmas gift!

Flash Bio: Lily Amis is a Multi-Genre Author, Blogger & Artist and the Author of “Destination: Freedom” and nine more titles. With her honest memoir, she has enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest during the refugee crises in summer 2015. Placements included two features with national newspaper the Daily Mirror as well as interviews with popular British lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine. She has fought against injustice, prejudice, discrimination and social isolation for almost three decades to become who she is today.

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Thank you for joining me here Lily! I have had the pleasure of reading your new work and am looking forward to your official launch on the 16th, so I can leave a review. The timing with the American election could not be better. I won’t give anything away here, but I truly enjoyed your honest and witty take on modern society. It is an honor to be in the company of a survivor, a humanist and artist. Congratulations and best wishes for a great book launch!

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