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Indie Spotlight: An honest glimpse into the single life - Untitled, by Lawrence G. Taylor

Indie Spotlight: An honest glimpse into the single life

Untitled, by Lawrence G. Taylor

Welcome to Indie Spotlight Larry! Writer, photographer and world traveler. I am so excited today to talk about your latest work in progress (WIP.) Some readers might be unaware that as a writer each part of a writing project has its own velocity. I know you have been working hard on this creative endeavor every day, but the title has not revealed itself to you yet...

Larry would like to try something different...

He is asking YOU to help choose. I will provide a survey link below if you would like to participate that way. Otherwise please tweet us your answer and we can go old-school and make a list. We promise to let you know the results sometime in November. Take a read of his short synopsis below.

Let's collaborate, be creative and have some fun!

Untitled-By Lawrence G. Taylor

James, of Guyanese origin, is in his 30s and is dissatisfied with his love life. He is also disappointed with himself for not achieving more in life. He is much for wishful thinking, and his complaint is about not finding true love seems to be his only grievance.

But perhaps it's a distraction for not addressing his real problems. He appears to have a reasonable amount of self-esteem, self-confidence, and more importantly a willingness to be more self-reliant. It could not be said that he lacks ambition, but in fact his problem is that he expects things to come with his way without much effort, with good luck - as in his womanizing.

One evening James sets out to try a newly open disco, with the sole intention to enjoy the “fabulous music” by friends, and whatever form of entertainment was available. He had thought of inviting one of his girlfriends alone but had decided to go there alone. James was also expecting some of his buddies to be there and was expecting to have a relaxing evening with men friends - chatting, making fun and taking in the disco scene.

But his friends don't show up until quite late. And being his usual self, feeling bored; James begins spending the time dancing. And by chance, he meets Maud. Unknown to him at the time, she is a few years older than he; although in appearance she appears his age.

She is tall and slim and her pretty face without a smile, giving the impression of a no-messing-about type. Her hair is short & black, her skin shows paleness - a contrast to James's.

What follows between James and Maud is a love affair and a bumpy ride as the friendship and self-realization come into play.

This contemporary love story is expected to appear in eBook format as a novelette or a novel, around the Christmas holidays.

Untitled : Title Choices below- Please vote on a one page survey and if you have time, let us know why in the comments. Thank you!

1. A Quest for Love

2. In Pursuit of Love

3. In Pursuit of Happiness

4. In Pursuit of a Woman's Love

5. Strangers When They Meet - a Love Story

6. In Pursuit of a Dream

I am not collecting any data other than your vote. This a spam free zone. Survey link:

Flash Bio: Larry Taylor was born in Guyana, then immigrated to England in 1962. Worked and studied there. Moved to Sweden after 6 years. He began writing around then, while working and studying. Worked in a psychiatry hospital and clinic for 25 years, before running a private practice. He enjoys writing short stories, and currently is writing a novelette about a love affair between an aspiring author of West Indian origin and a Swedish woman woman whom is a journalist and feminist.

Social media links:

Excited to experience his work? Read- Strangers In Another Country, available on Amazon now!

Larry-thank you so much for sharing your new project with us, I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Please follow Larry on social media and support his endeavors. Readership, conversation and reviews ( the best way to thank a writer! ) are always appreciated. There is nothing better than having a community of writers, and readers who come together through a shared love of literature and grow as friends.

As a fellow creative, I am honored to share and be part of your writing family! Please let us know when your are ready to launch your new book, so we can give it a proper shout out. All the best in the future for your passion projects! You are inspiring!

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I am a Multi-Genre novelist, writing short stories in between. I am currently pursuing my M.A. in Creative Writing. I write and produce my own book trailers, dabble in poetry and screenwriting as well. I love to talk about writing, reading and life as an Indie.

If you enjoy this post please tweet, FB, pin it or better yet... just tell your friends to check us out! Thank you for joining us!

Find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Write. xoxo Bibiana

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