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“She keeps her Moet et Chandon

In her pretty cabinet ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says Just like Marie Antoinette…”

-lyrics by Freddy Mercury

This past week I’ve been knee deep in creative projects for myself and helping out with projects for other writers in my community.

I have a few things up my sleeve, but I don’t have a timeline yet, so I’m radio silent. For now.

I’m part of the Amazon beta group with first dibs at making hardcover books on KDP. It’s been pretty interesting so far. I can’t say more as of yet, but I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I just scored a really awesome review on my short story ALICE and I am so excited and grateful. It’s so short, I almost didn’t publish it. The most mysterious thing in the world is what people will be into. Or not! Anyway it really happened. It was so scary that even now 20 + years later, I remember everything. What can I say? I am a magnet.

So I know you love (laughing with myself) to hear me ramble on… but I won’t.

I just judo chopped myself.

Sunday, bloody Sunday. Do something wild. Do something totally off the wall. You need it. Maybe I do too? I am writing a lot and reading a ton too right now. Feeling like a laser beam might cut the mustard away from the sammy.

Need some new records. How many times can a person listen to the Miami Vice soundtrack until you lose your mind? Asking for a friend.

Thanks so much for being here and connecting as writers, readers and human beans.

Want to make my day? Buy one of my books and tell a friend. Could use a rocket boost yo or at least a tube of orange Mentos. Take care of yourself and stay positive y’all. Thanks for rolling with me. It means a lot and I am grateful as heck.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

Lemon Crème Cake (Writer's Secret Weapon No More Block in My Brain Cake)


Yellow Cake

2-½ cups all-purpose flour

½ teaspoons baking powder

1 1/3 teaspoon salt

¾ cups granulated sugar

¾ cup butter, softened

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla

3 eggs

1 ¼ cups milk

Lemon Glaze

(Make this while the cake is baking.)

2 cups powdered sugar

1-teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup milk

Pinch of salt

¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice **** (I have not tried it yet, but I am 100% sure that you could use any edible acid for this part. Lime, mango, strawberry, cold chai, cold coffee, root beer, go wild player! Just be sure if you use fresh fruit that you blend and strain it, so it’s juice only. The pulp will mess up the process. No need for food coloring, the fruits will be gorgeous on their own.)

*** 1 tsp fresh grated lemon rind only if you make the lemon version (the white pith is bitter, avoid like your ex. Yellow rind only.)

To make the glaze, use a mixing bowl squeeze the citrus and add to bowl. Add pinch of salt and vanilla. A hand mixer will make this nice and smooth. I used my fire engine red stand mixer, Ruby Lee. She's a whip! Add one cup powdered sugar and the milk. Beat it to the edge of reason. Add more sugar. It should basically look like wallpaper paste.


Heat oven to 350°F. Grease and lightly flour a large Bundt pan. In medium bowl, stir flour, baking powder and salt until well blended.

In large bowl, beat granulated sugar and 3/4 cup softened butter with electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy, scraping bowl occasionally. Beat in 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla and eggs until well blended. Alternately add flour mixture and 1 1/4 cups milk, beating well and scraping bowl after each addition. Pour batter evenly into pan.

Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until wooden skewer inserted in center comes out clean and the cake is golden brown. Turn off oven. Invert on baker's rack and let cool completely with a baking pan underneath, for about 15 minutes.

Whip the glaze one more time and pour over the top of the cake. It needs to be on a rack so the bottom doesn’t get soggy. It will basically slide over the cake and fill the pan below it. Wait five minutes and scrape glaze back into mixing bowl. Repeat the steps until the glaze disappears. ***Sprinkle grated lemon rind on top for a pop of color and extra zing.

Let the cake rest ten minutes or so and transfer to a beautiful platter. Use a glass dome to keep it pretty and serve room temperature with French press coffee, English breakfast tea or a flute of ice-cold prossecco.

I can’t wait to try another fruit. Since strawberries are almost in season here, that’s probably next!

Enjoy y’all! Have a fabulous week!

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Mar 29, 2021

That recipe looks soo good. I'm thinking it would be perfect for Easter. Or spring. Or a Tuesday. Very excited that Sensational Writers + Holiday Recipes is going to be in hardcover! It'll be beautiful. Have a great week, B! 😎 🌼


Veronica Cline Barton
Mar 28, 2021

Fabulous as always, Bibiana! Thanks so much for all you've done to help me with Twins--it's almost here! Nathan's cake looks delish! Thanks for brightening the day! xo 💖👑

Veronica Cline Barton
Mar 29, 2021
Replying to

I so want to go there now!💖👑


Cathy Maza
Mar 28, 2021

You're the coolest...and the cake recipe looks positively yum. Is it wrong to make it if there is no youngster around to help eat it? Asking for a friend...😀

Mar 28, 2021
Replying to

Ha ha ha! You are too! Tysm! The cake was a happy accident. Definitely okay to make this just because. I think even some Dr. Pepper would be good, but not as high toned. It should freeze well. So you could cut it in slices and make treats For later. I would use a small Tupperware and let it defrost on the counter. It should stay good that way for a month or so?

Needless to say ours was gone in less than 24 hours. 😂 And it was only two of us. That’s all I’m saying. 🐝🥂🦋


Mar 28, 2021

Caviar and cigarettes, well-versed in etiquette, she’s extraordinarily nice...Wait you are so much more amazing than nice! Best post ever- and congrats on your good news.

Mar 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much! I’ve been having an epicurious day! Come on over the record player is warmed up!!! 🥰🥂

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