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Dreams are incredible. They can make you smile, fill your heart with love, yearning or romantic beauty and they can also scare the heck out of you. They are certainly symbolic and meaningful, but they don’t always mean what you think they do.

Consider skipping the psychedelic, tutti-frutti ice cream before bed and putting electronic devices down for a half hour before La-La. I suggest a warm cup of herbal tea, soothing music or wave sounds and an old-fashioned book for achieving restful sleep.

*** Legal Disclaimer. I am not a doctor, therapist or a psychic, but I have been interested in dreams as symbols since I was a young woman and spent countless hours researching many dreams of my own. Some of them are just too weird to interpret and once in a while I throw them into my stories to torment my fictional characters.

Laura. one of the fab hosts on (OK BOOMER PODCAST #18 - listen to the show here) had yet another interesting dream that I am here to throw my two cents in about. Although, bummer… there were no cute porcupines in this one. Where did they go???

THE DREAM: A room full of clients from the past. You approach them with a very out of character and slightly inappropriate conversation and experience a feeling of shame or social embarrassment for what is discussed.

Bibiana’s Interpretation: Dreaming of a former co-worker or a client, represents the career/professional aspect of yourself.

The crowd represents you in many versions looking at your current choices to make an important decision. If you have a big change that you’re considering… it may sincerely just be that. Your subconscious feels anxious about it and you need to do your best to decide and move forward.

In most dreams, these characters either symbolize an external force or very likely some aspect of yourself or your own life.

Dreaming that you are waiting suggests control issues and feelings of dependence or independence in a relationship. If you are impatient, it means that you are asking too much and that your expectations are too high. It can also suggest your expectations and your anxieties about something unknown to you, or about making a decision. You are anticipating something. You are finally ready to act.

To dream that someone is being rude represents feelings that someone is intentionally not considering your feelings. Awareness of limitation, or feeling that you're not deserving something. ... feelings about a person or waking life situation that you feel is arrogantly dismissive or disrespectful.

If you are the rude one, it means that you feel misplaced guilt or something unspoken is holding you back from your joy and may have important things that you need to address, so that you can move on and be strong in your decision.

In this difficult time of Covid-19, and, and , and, it’s quite obvious by looking at social media that many people are struggling, grieving and afraid…

It may also simply be an emotional connection that others are having a tough time and you are relating deeply to it.

In the past few months I’ve cycled through days when I’m fine and other days arrive that crush my spirit like a soda can. Sometimes all I want to do is binge watch ‘Grilled Cheese’ films.

My fave is HOPE FLOATS with Sandra Bullock and Harry Conncik, Jr. in boots and Levis (hubba-hubba) while eating dill-pickle potato chips with my rump parked on the sofa.

I highly suggest that you reconnect with any of the people that you can remember from the dream, volunteer to help at your local food bank or something similar in the community. Reach out with a card or a short message to people from the past to let them know that they are on your mind and you care. Maybe jump in the hammock for a few?

If it is about a big decision, clearly you are ready and already know what to do. Good luck! Change is hard, but we are all caught up in a cycle of extremes that is unprecedented, mind-boggling and pretty dang stressful.

Stay flexible, stay open and always trust your instinct. I know it’s easy to say that when it’s not my life, but I've been there too and know from experience that if you listen to your gut…it will never steer you wrong.

Thanks so much for letting me chime in. I love listening to your podcast. It makes me smile, laugh like a looney-tune and forget about things for a while.

Super grateful to everyone reading, and reviewing my #NewRelease VOLGA BLACK,

listening, subscribing and commenting on my three-author collaboration on YouTube #BOOKEM and reaching out to let me know that they care about me.

It’s such a crazy, crazy time, but with good friends and family we can get through anything. Together. Sending good vibes and virtual hugs.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

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4 commentaires

26 juil. 2020

Ah! So the dream was about big changes! Cool! I hope that your new choices bring you the happiness and success you deserve. I love to decipher your dreams. They are so vivid! I’m so glad to be here with you and everyone who reads and takes the time to comment as well. Volga Black is pretty edgy. Who knows? Maybe that’s what we all need right now? The Polish folklore is a total trip. Maybe next book I will have a bee keeper in it. Secret code for porcupine rescue? Lol. Take care and good luck with the new partner. It sounds fabulous!


21 juil. 2020

Bibiana, you are the best at interpreting my dreams. First, sorry it took me so long to respond, but reading your thoughts leads me to think this all goes hand in hand. I have been thinking about a change with my real estate and have been debating all types of scenarios and have made the decision to have someone join me and share all my deals with, which hopefully relieves stress and provides more fun while doing my job. So yes, major decisions and relationships were exactly on my boomer brain! I do however think the idea of dressing up as a bee keeper and saving porcupines would be hilarious! I truly enjoy reading your blogs and so nice to…


17 juil. 2020

Wow! What a cool response! I didn’t know about your sister Amy! I would love to know what she thinks? I’m no expert but I have always been fascinated with dreams. I’ve never had the naked or the teeth falling out things. Mine tend to be almost like a short film and sometimes I’m not even there. I’m sort of the ‘fly in the wall’ instead.

Ref: porcupine rescue. Jena, I think I could get into that, but I wonder would we have to wear outfits like bee keepers?

Seems at the very least some safety glasses would be mandatory. Lol. Love to be here with all of you. I’m laughing so hard right now, I dropped my phone. 😂…


17 juil. 2020

Wow! Thank you Bibiana. As you could probably tell, I was a bit floored by the dream, especially my sister’s glee/delight over the news she was sharing. For community service, maybe she could start a porcupine rescue? seriously, she is a beautiful, loving person and as we know, these times are strange. I agree with Amy’s comment. I have the recurring teeth and exam/school/naked in public dreams. I love you for your support, encouragement, storytelling and how you think and create. And just for being you.

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