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It’s been another odd week in a smattering of the odd that is this year in a crispy, crunchy nutshell. Is that like making fondue without the super-secret nutmeg? Hmm…

I listen to a really cool podcast that comes out every few weeks called OK BOOMER PODCAST. I am not a Boomer though. You don’t have to be to enjoy it. I am the mostly forgotten about Generation-X. Where did we gooooo? Lol.

Laura one of the fabulous hosts, along with her wonderful sister Jena, like all of us have been going through lots of change, and struggle with the by-products of the Covid-19, lockdown stuff (staying at home for extended durations, social distancing, and missing special moments with family, etc.)

It has been sending Laura some interesting dreams. She had another recently and somehow I've become the 'dream whisperer' for this podcast, which is actually a pretty cool gig and one I never expected to have! Please send cash in small, unmarked bills, preferably in a Chanel or Hermes weekend bag. JK!

So the dream. Needing human touch, Laura reaches out to hug her husband and he hugs her back.

While she’s doing this, he begins to shrink until he’s less than half his size, then somehow what’s left of him is a pile of dirt. He’s alive and uninjured, kind of…just bite sized instead of super-sized, as I believe she said he was over six feet tall?

Trick or treat?

Listen to Episode 23: The Seasons: They go Round and Round and Bibiana dream alert! You can hear Laura talk about it in her own words, subscribe if you want to have a grin every few weeks and just enjoy two cool sisters from Ohio who cover life with witty anecdotes, family, fashion and whew… a dream that would freak me out too.

***Legal Disclaimer*** I am not a doctor, psychic medium or a hedge witch, but I certainly know the difference between crappy shrubs, a gardenia and a rosemary bush. Yes honey, I am talking to you…

What does it mean?

This one could be interpreted many different ways, but because I've had the pleasure of hearing Laura's other dreams. I am adding this one to what I already know about Laura via the others she's already shared with me this year. They are also on my blog if you want to read. (Dream Spiral, Collective Unconscious)

Most importantly I ask Laura, how did you feel when you received the hug? If you felt affirmative, cozy, centered…?

The hug is an easy one, especially if the above is one of the emotions you recognized. It denotes the need for reassurance during extreme change. Needing comfort, balance, as something old is gone and is being replaced with the new. Very often this silent call for reassurance can be linked to career, new living arrangements or something that is important, but not totally in an individual’s control.

The dirt. To me the dirt represents this entire year. Time lost, time spent, time frozen like an evil popsicle. Hai Karate. I just Judo chopped this year and arm-wrestled it to the ground.

Was it as good for you as it was for me? Ha!

Fear, and the unseen are the grains of sand, dirt, dried leaves or raindrops departing or in-motion that carry the intense desire to clean up the cobwebs and move forward.

Think about the dirt pile on its own. I liken this symbol to deep, rich soil that must be dispersed in a matter of fact way, so that you can leave anxiety, fear, grief and sadness behind. It also denotes to me that you have something really important you need to communicate to someone that you’ve been holding back. If this is the case, whatever it is, just remember to take a deep breath, do it with sincerity, and kindness to get it off your heart. I sense that it’s something big, because to me it feels directly tied to the symbols in your dream.

Shrinking husband. Now that one had me laughing like a loon. My husband is a big man as well. So the idea that he was about ½ the size and he went back to what he must have been at six or seven had me giggling. Guess I am driving now, forever huh? Lol.

Once again the shrinking …especially combined with the dirt is your subconscious mind telling you that you are ready to move forward into this new era, you need a new adventure badly and the stress has literally been a wild animal trying to crush your spirit.

I have a saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you.’ I know it’s rather glib, but I don’t think tough times necessarily make you stronger, but they certainly can change your perspective and hopefully offer a lesson to use later on.

It’s especially telling that the shrinking created the dirt pile. It means that you are finally ready to take things head on, have accepted change as it’s happening and you seriously need to stop worrying about everyone else so much and have some well-deserved fun with your partner. I dare imagine that it’s awfully pretty where you are, and bursting with Fall colors. Lucky! It doesn't do that here.

Maybe an overnight somewhere different, a casual walk in a pretty town or the woods and some pumpkin spice lattes would be a wonderful place to start? Thanks so much for letting me throw in my wooden nickel and send y'all a sprinkle of autumn magic. This was really fun!

For anyone out there who needs an adventure, but you can't go or simply don’t have much extra, consider picking up my #NewRelease book Hearth Fires (The Haunted) available on all the big book sites as an e-book and paperback exclusive on Amazon, co-written with Veronica Cline Barton. It is spooky, eclectic and atmospheric. Bonus, I know you are busier than ever, me too! It has six short-stories written especially for women, you get to travel to some super-cool places, Paris, Salem, Scotland and beyond. It also has a few yummy fall recipes as a delicious bonus in the back.

Thank you to everyone for your fantastic support, reviews, delightful conversations, and real, human connection. Anyone in the U.S.A. who was promised a paperback should be seeing them by this next Monday or Tuesday? So excited!

It takes a village and I am grateful to you and my subscribers, the Literati for your constant love and appreciation for what I’m doing.

#Staysafe and take care out there. Halloween is coming!

I am looking forward to the #BOOKEM show #Halloween zoom with my badass colleagues: Veronica Cline Barton, Amy Reade (check out her new seasonal release (cozy mystery) Ghoul's Night Out and meet special guest Dr. Summer Watson. I wonder what she will dress up as? And we have another LIVE planned on Instagram all in costume....YAS! Fun? What, what?

Go forward into the almost weekend with a latte` love in your heart. Ha ha ha. Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

Bibiana Krall | Black Calyx Books | Barefoot Films | Compass Bespoke Creative

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4 opmerkingen

29 sep. 2020

Laura you are the coolest! I love your dreams! They’re always so rich with symbolism for me. Although if I were pressed to mention my favorite...a passel of porcupines would be right up there with Superman ice cream and overpriced weekend getaways that end in Belgian waffles.

It’s a deal by the way. Bring it on! It’s been the strangest year ever being booked as a “Dream Weaver” during the entire year I have renamed “Hotel California” ✨ is all in normal a days work. 😂🌸 Take care out there and thanks again for letting me take the Caddy for a spin. 🥂👠🤩


24 sep. 2020

Bibiana, how are you so wonderful and so quick to respond? I wish I had your eloquent writing skills as well as your gift for analyzing dreams. Thank you for listening to us and especially for taking the time to decode my somewhat bizarre dreams. I will reread and ponder what you have written but absolutely fascinating what you wrote. I like your phrase "what doesn't kill you, doesn't kill you". True, I may not necessarily be stronger but I am learning and I like the idea of leaving the dirt dispersed behind me and moving ever forward. I will have to chat about a weekend away, an overnight just the two of us with my thankfully still 6'3 husband!…


24 sep. 2020

Oh my gosh! Same! Yes I certainly believe that Laura is getting messages for her, but also ones many of us could consider as important right now.

I always feel a bit willo-wisp this time of year, as I think the season change also enthuses this introspection to prepare us for the holidays and a new year. I love listening in and can’t wait to see what Laura thinks as well. Tickled pink! Have a gorgeous day! Xox B. 🎃


24 sep. 2020

Wow! I can’t wait for Laura to read this! Thank you so much Bibiana for the detailed analysis plus how the dream really is a message for our times. You are amazing- word weaver and dream weaver! So much fun- and thanks for helping us to stay strong and for the delightful comments about our podcast!

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