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Devil's Breath

The divine feminine arrives to kick things up a notch in Medellin...

Shall we dance under the moonlight?

#Supernatural #HauntedForest #DastardlyVillians and #Surreal elements abound in this 'Halloween party in a book.'

Devil's Breath by Bibiana Krall will make bad boys toe the line and think twice about who or what they might be dealing with....

Discover this #womanpowered oh-no-she-didn't, short story! Travel to #Medellin, Columbia and enjoy five more original titles Wicked Mist, Book #3, The Haunted Series by Bibiana Krall and Veronica Cline Barton.

"Haunting stories that take you places."

Veronica Cline Barton and I love collaborating on this anthology. We get excited about cooking up memorable and wild stories to entertain you!

Catch up and read Hearth Fires and Tangled Webs

Everyone who's buzzing and talking about your favorites truly helps this book series rise. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support! Thank you!

Wicked Mist is here! Thank you for checking it out and for sharing it with your friends.

After these past few years of being holed up in our houses, a social night out to rumba sounds kind of amazing! Just be sure to mind your manners, gents...she's watching your every move.

We couldn't do this without your continued support! Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

Happy almost #Halloween and thanks again for being an important part of our success with this award-winning anthology.

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Read or Write.

xox -Bibiana

"All heroines, all the time."

Black Calyx Books

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Seems like a fun and haunting!


Thank you! You will love it! The stories are the perfect length for a busy person to read one a night as a special treat with a glass of wine and their feet up after a long day.


Veronica Cline Barton

Getting my heels out now, Bibiana! Such a #spooktacular tale and trailer! #Halloween is coming... 💀🌹


Thank you so much for running the chat with me tonight! Friday nights are fun again! I can’t wait for Halloween!

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