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Collective Unconscious

" 'Collective Unconscious' is a term introduced by the late psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung to represent a form of the unconscious (that part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual is not aware) common to mankind as a whole and originating in the inherited structure of the brain.

It is distinct from the personal unconscious, which arises from the experience of the individual. According to Jung, the collective unconscious contains, archetypes, or universal primordial images and ideas.”

There has been an awful of chatter lately about sleeplessness and people having extraordinary dreams. I wonder what Dr. Jung would say?

Since the pandemic, economic crisis and world lockdown, I can barely remember any of mine. This is quite unusual for me, as most of my stories come from vivid dreams. I have often wondered if the spirit veil is thin or non-existent when we are in R.E.M. or just afterwards?

I reached out to social media this past week and got a few bites about some of the dreams rolling through the world collective.

So far the most symbolic one I’ve come across was recently discussed on the OK Boomer Podcast. Two sisters in Ohio (Jean and Laura) chat about life as a Boomer, the quirky things that come up each week and popular culture. Listening is a great way to chill out while I cook dinner for the family.

Laura has recently become a grandmother. Obviously with the planet on lockdown she hasn’t been able to visit her beautiful grandson as much as she’d like to.

The dream: Tons and tons of porcupines just show up. They don’t just sit there, rather they jump on her playfully (think room full of kittens, but yikes…they are actually porcupines.) You can listen to the whole show here. I believe it was Episode #12 with the dream in it. If you like the show, consider subscribing. It’s free, down to earth and funny.

It’s hard to tell if this dream is scary to Laura or just perterbing? Aparently she doesn’t often have dreams like this…I know I don’t!

Hello all you cool cats and kittens… what if the baby is dreaming and creating pathways that connect him to Laura and he is the porcupine? If we consider the Jungian idea of a shared consciousness via our DNA, this could actually be possible.

Neuroscientists now commonly believe that babies dream in the womb and spend two to three years after they are born creating their neural pathways via deep sleep and dreaming. There is much conjecture as to what they dream about. It’s currently thought that they don’t dream with images or a storyline, as they have had such little experience in the world that they have no way to associate.

One of the world experts on this subject is retired, child psychologist and dream researcher, Dr. David Foulkes. For more in depth information check out his book, “Children's Dreaming and the Development of Consciousness.”

My Interpretation: Legal Disclaimer (I am not a medical doctor or ancient mystic.)

In Native American Animism the porcupine is a sacred creature, especially to the many tribes that once called the Great Lakes Region and Ohio River Valley their home. The porcupine is seen as a lone defender in the woods, with over thirty-thousand quills who protected the smaller, more delicate animals from outside influences.

It was once considered a blessing to see one before a hunt, as it would mean the hunters had an “all clear” from the feisty, woodland warrior. Porcupines are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Porcupine Clans include: The Chippewa, The Huron and The Menominee.

Another interpretation is that a porcupine dream symbolizes our “childlike wonder.” A reminder as an adult to let go of what holds us back and embrace joy, make time for active play and positivity.

In Laura’s case my conclusion is that she longs to be able to protect and stand guard for her newest member of the family and in this dream she is the fierce warrior.

What she desperately needs is that playful connection with her grandson, face to face as much as possible so that she can leave her stressors and anxiety behind. (We all need this right now don’t we?) She needs to focus on enjoying the blessings without the other grownup stuff “piled on.”

Rather than this dream being upsetting, confusing or disturbing, to me it is a symbolic reminder for her to listen to her heart, do whatever she can to create that connection with her grandson, remember to embrace the simple joys in her life and to let the rest go.

Secondly the crowd honing in on her like creepy zombies in the second dream making her feel like she’s being backed into a corner is yet another way her subconscious is telling her to give herself space and to be sure that she does not internalize her worries.

Be the playful porcupine.

Now if we can only get someone at Pixar to animate these prickly creatures and name one “Boomer.” Of course he should also be a Martial Arts expert who plays the piano.

I’m so ready to focus on the future. How ‘bout you? Thanks for reading and many thanks to Jean and Laura for permission to throw my two cents in the wind.

Thank you to my loyal subscribers, The Literati, avid readers and writing community for your amazing support of my creative life and books on Amazon. Twenty-one titles and counting.

Bored? For shame. Take a peek at my library, download a story for yourself and tell a friend. I could use all the support you’re willing to give and cannot say how much it means to me.

Who knows what waits for us in the future?

Each one of us have a pandemic story, some far more tragic than the next. Hang in there, take a deep breath and please reach out to people if you feel sad, scared or alone.

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

A million thanks to everyone out there working so hard to feed us, keep us safe and help put the world back together again. You are the real superheros.

Until next time, Find you Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

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May 16, 2020

You’re the best Laura! It was the most interesting dream! I had a blast deciphering it. Glad I got to the heart of the matter. I know I would want to be there every second with the newest member of the family. Huge congrats and thank you for creating the podcast. You and Jena both make me laugh, y’all are so funny and help me escape every day life. Right now that feels so important. 📚🥂✨So happy to be here with you. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


May 14, 2020

Hi Bibiana, well I am Laura from OKBoomer Podcast and I so thank you for analyzing my dreams. I so long to be back with my grandson and I absolutely love the idea of him connecting to me through his dreams. I also like the thought of being a warrior and definitely I need to revisit my "childlike wonder" part of my life and just relax and play with that little baby boy. Very nice of you to help me understand my dreams and your kind statements about our podcast, we are having fun doing it. I look forward to reading your recent posts and stay healthy and happy over there. Laura

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