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Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

Imagine a place where creativity and individuality is a gift. Where being different is the norm. I’ve been contemplating beautiful chaos, chatting about quantum physics after a glass of wine with Veronica and what happens in the afterlife.

Listen, the modern world is always streamlining us, squares, rectangles, boxes, linear limits and to me they are all a type of psychic prison. Think about it.

I met a woman today, randomly. I don’t always talk to people out in the world, and don’t always try to connect. The universe egged me on and told me to. So me being me, I did.

She was cool. Not just basically cool either. Is that a thing? But truly a person who has been to the war and came back with wisdom to share. This only comes from living life, making mistakes and having that incredible character and strength to forge ahead. This ties into creativity in a way that yesterday wouldn’t have made sense to me. Now it’s clear as a summer day on the lake.

We all struggle. We all wonder if people will make fun of us for thinking, looking or emoting at a different frequency. Maybe they will. So what? People will decide what they want regardless. Why not be a five-leaf clover? Perhaps the extra leaf has the magic we need?

If you are hoping to improve your mental elasticity, increase your happiness and creativity, a walk in the woods, not the park is what you need. Why? Because as humans we weren’t formed in perfect symmetry, nor was the Earth. What our souls crave in a false, air brushed world, what we desperately need is two degrees off the fault line.

That is where individuality, happiness, creativity and empowerment lives. Now don’t go running off and joining the circus…unless I can come too.

It all makes sense and I get it now.

Creativity and spirit (as in yours and mine) feeds the world like the sun feeds plants to hydrolyze and make protoplasm.

So many dreadful things are happening that most of us shrug our shoulders, what can we do?

Rather than complaining or losing hope… might we take a friend to the woods or a wild place and go on a walk?

Getting back to the randomness of chaotic nature might be a way to relieve stress, take a cleansing breath and seek a higher frequency. We can capture this and send it out for others and “Make art not war.”

It only takes one person to change the world. Perhaps it will be you?

Thanks a million to the amazing people reading, dropping reviews on The Irish Phantom Series

and sending encouraging messages about my latest novella #3-The Rage of Danu.

Being a writer is an incredible journey, but I couldn’t do any of it without you and The Literati.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana


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