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Sometimes you have to let loose, forget about everything else and have an adventure. I am not sure how long we’ve known each other on Twitter? Veronica and I finally got to meet in person and as expected there were some boots involved, but alas no crowns. Next time?

Along with our extremely cool husbands, we met up in Savannah this past weekend for some grown-up fun at The Mansion on Forsyth Park. We laughed, ate like kings, told spooky stories and imbibed tipsy bubbles. Life is rarely what we expect or think it will be, and sometimes it’s even better.

The one hundred word flash fiction challenge below arrives courtesy of Veronica’s photo of a beautiful painting in Charleston, SC., (artist and name unkown.) We use an interesting image and the only rule is one hundred words maximum to tell a story.

Dreams of the ocean blue, lyrical creatures…

gleam, glimmer, and glide in startling hues.

Violet forest, weaves below us in coral darklings.

Atlantian chorus, we’ve paid our dues.

Rise of the Titans, Belle Époque of the ancient climes,

A looking glass beneath what exists in the darkest deep.

Through The Muses, poems, painting and song…we connect to where the map unfurled.

Sailors once bewitched by mermaids,

you must know by now…

that they aren’t really girls?

Magical vision, sextant for our hearts, this friendship is our handwritten chart.

Ekphrasis defeats stasis, sinuous revelry––vicarious adventures, in unison through art.

©Bibiana Krall 2020

Electrons pulsing through the web,

Connecting minds from afar.

Mystery, romance, paranormal and more,

Genres flowing from the pen.

I read, I write, review books I love,

Marveling at the tales I’ve been gifted.

Imagine one day, in a tweeting world,

You find kindred souls that speak to you.

Laughs and challenges lift us each day,

Life sneak peeks in 240 words.

DMs, emails, connect you with those,

You might just want to know better.

The magic of hearing a voice of a friend,

Timid calls that enchant you forever.

Platonic meet cutes, whispers and giggles,

Forever friends, connected--#Writerverse.

©Veronica Cline Barton 2020


Thank you for joining us and for checking out Veronica and her books on January’s #IndieSpotlight.

I have lots of great news to share. THE SOUL KEEPER has come to Audible as an audio book.

Our first review is up and I couldn't be more pleased.

"Scary, provocative and intelligently written! This story captures the essence of a beautiful ghost story true to San Fransisco! I was mesmerized from the first sentence!"

Meet narrator, author and world traveler, please befriend and follow L. Malaika Cooper

She brings her smooth vocal style to this ghost story and makes the 1960s come alive. I have a limited amount of free promotion certificates for the U.S.A. and the U.K., please contact me if you are interested in listening and leaving an honest review. Thanks in advance.

To celebrate the launch of book three in The Irish Phantom Series, pre-order your e-book for THE RAGE OF DANU (publish date MAR 5, 2020.)

I'm hosting a random drawing on publish day for the Literati (that’s you, my loyal web subscribers) for a prize pack of all three paperbacks signed by me along with other goodies to keep you warm and cozy on those blustery winter nights. Keep them for yourself or give them to a friend. If you live outside of the contiguous U.S.A. all three E-books and an Amazon gift card will be offered as an alternate due to shipping costs. The winner will be contacted via email on March 6th, 2020.Good luck!

There is a lot more going on, but for now I am off to write and work on book four. Thanks for being here, reading and reviewing my books, and for reaching out to let me know how these stories connect with you, I am honored by your friendship.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

"Immersive writing in search of the heroine."

@Bibiana1Krall Twitter

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