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Thank you so much for your incredible support of my (double) book launch this weekend! It’s been a great success and I couldn’t have done it without you.

I’m not going to act like it’s status quo today, because it isn’t. Yet more tragedy struck innocent people down this weekend. Fear is palpable on the streets of America.

Peace is an elusive ideal that gets tossed around like a soggy, tennis ball, but it never seems to come. What does it really mean? Is it even possible to achieve?

My child was born two weeks after September 11th and has never once lived free without terrorism or hatred clouding their existence. They have endured "active shooter drills” at school and threats to their personal safety, while trying so hard just to learn, to be and to become the amazing person they are now.

Is this discussion really about weapons, and corrupt leadership or is it more about a terrible sickness that’s spreading like a cancer?

I won’t preach anymore, because it’s not my style.

Please think about what you can do in your day-to-day, to care and connect with other people in a real way and I promise to do the same.

We need to take back our streets, schools, churches, and our souls and stop listening to people who don’t give a shit about us. We cannot leave this mess for our children to handle.

Strength and character is something I strive to honor in my life and writing. I am a work in progress. Full stop.

In my creative work, I offer a message of hope, empowerment and a directive to think for yourself in a world that is trying to shape your thoughts and steal your goodwill. This message is one that I pray will fall on the ears and eyes that need it to make things better for all of us.

I see you. Thank you for reading and walking with me.

Be safe, be smart, and be well. -Bibiana

"All heroines, all the time."

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