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Creative Elysium

- Creative Elysium - Scroll down and listen to "Take Me Higher" by the super talented C.J. Beards.

So many times in the past year I have heard the same words from other writers, empaths and creatives, ‘I need a break’ ‘I’m overwhelmed by the interference around me and desperately need peace and quiet.’

In a digital world constantly redirecting our attention, lately I’ve recognized this urgency and constant desire in myself too.

A walk with no devices, no companion and no direction was my morning ritual today and it was freeing and quite amazing. The magnolias, gardenias and wild berries are rampant, the migratory geese have left and the sparrows are taking over with their hatchlings.

Colors, shapes, emotions and senses returned so effortlessly; I had to ponder a few things and wondered why?

Of course I realize that I can't hide out forever or leave social media and still find success in the world as a novelist, but the fear of being forgotten or cast aside has left me. I believe that it’s a combination of things that gave me this recent revelation, but I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to create and truly draw on The Muse, this alone time is not only needful, but is also more integral than ever.

To be clear, I am not knocking anyone who doesn’t need this time away. If you do though, you should take it and here’s why.

The value of the deep thinker, the scientist, the artist, and the intellectual loner will one day soon be the most sought out persons in society, because there’s a purity to a human being when they consider and create undisturbed with the freedom to develop positive ideas, write thought provoking dialogues or find new ways of dealing with our established challenges.

I have no grandiose ideas that I might be considered amongst this group, but what I do know is that I haven’t felt this great in a long time and as long or as short as it lasts…I’m going to make the most of it. Thank you for supporting my vision, my creative life and for walking with me here.

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox Bibiana

Many thanks, please subscribe and follow the incredible composer and artist, C.J. Beards. For making the perfect music to inspire and take us to a better place.

Thank you you so much to all who have read, enjoyed and reviewed my novels and short stories on Amazon. Your generous support makes it all worthwhile.

About The Author

Bibiana is a small-town girl from the Midwest who left home at an early age and traveled the world. Eventually settling in a historic village near Savannah, Georgia. She made a nest, created a family and built a dynamic career with a passion for culture, travel and private aviation. She recently shifted gears, and returned to higher education, earning an MA in Fiction Writing and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, both from Wilkes University CW. Walking a new, exciting path: Writing novels, short stories, podcasts and screenplay adaptations. She is also a published poet and a Deep Center Writing Fellow. WWW.BIBIANAKRALL.COM

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