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Loftus Hall

New release - Have you seen it yet? I am so excited about the book trailer on YouTube for

Loftus Hall! | Book 2 in The Irish Phantom Series. Official release July 31st, 2019

Paperback is available on Amazon or pre-order your e-book now!

After tragedy, the McCarthy Family and friends rebuild their lives after the house fire that left them broken and defeated. With hopes that time and new beginnings will help everyone get beyond the untimely loss of their loved ones.

Mary O'Brien-Byrne, a historian at Trinity College accidentally tears the page in a holy relic and unleashes the wrath of a malevolant ancient. Will the ghosts of Corvus Hall help protect them while they search for an answer and a way to fight a supernatural power that threatens their family's safety?

Catch up and read the epic beginning Corvus Hall , book one in the creepy, gothic-style novella series and available on Amazon now. Thanks in advance for watching, subscribing and leaving comments on the YouTube. drop down Look for it soon on Amazon. Squee!

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