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Mother's are Superhero's

Mother's are Superhero's by Jeyran Main

Today I want to thank fellow mother, strong female, blogger, book reviewer and content writer to my blog. Welcome Jeyran!

Jeyran and I both struggle to fit all the pieces together and her article is a breath of fresh air. We have joined forces and will be guest posting and supporting each other as friend's and writing professionals.

I am very happy to be here. Thank you, Bibiana for allowing me to use this platform to write about mothers and talk about how we juggle with our day to day routines, jobs, raising kids and dealing with family problems all at the same time.

The real question that comes to one's mind after reading the above paragraph should really make you wonder why mothers are not considered as the popularly known superheroes. There are times that I truly sit down and wonder. How do I manage to get everything done every day?

Let us start with how we gain the title of being a Mom. (Mom’s that adopt skip this part, however, work just as hard to gain the title)

Alongside all the wonderful experiences mothers encounter while being pregnant. I will not begin to discuss the nine months of cramps, backaches, allergies, pregnancy diabetes, cravings, hormonal changes, glands changing, sleep deprivation and many more aches and pains before giving birth. In addition, as much as giving birth is a miraculous experience only a woman can encounter; I will also not mention the pains of giving birth and everything that goes along with that.

I feel that after reading the above the superhero tag name should be graciously awarded to us, but no, we as mothers dedicate even more.

After having a child, we are usually the ones raising them. This helpless, beautiful, miracle depends on us. Fathers do take a lot more responsibility in modern days now. However, the mother does really do the bulk of the work, and if you are nodding right now, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

In addition, mother’s run a whole household. It does not make a difference if you are in full employment or not. The dedication of running a household alone is a full-time commitment. From keeping the house clean, folding laundry, creating three-course meals, dining, entertaining and again keeping everything planned all at the same time, we are certainly dedicated to our homes. We have a list of things on our phones or paper written daily. If we don’t get them done, we then have two folds to do the next day. Now if you are one of those mothers that also have a full-time job, then add that to the equation of work commitments as well. How are we physically able to work, raise our children and keep a house all at the same time?

I know this may sound funny, but I really count on Siri (my I-Phone) to remind me of most of everything that needs to be done. I simply cannot remember it all. On top of everything, I micro-manage the time that I have in order to achieve the best result. I take advantage of the time I receive as my son sleeps and multi-task ticking away my list as Siri adds more to it.

In conclusion, we as mothers are superheroes, and for that, we deserve a tap on the back.

Written by © 2017 Jeyran Main

Find out more about Jeyran Main on her official website or Millionaire's Digest where she is a busy content marketer, writer and reviewer.

Thank you for joining us today! Find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Write. xoxo


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