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FOCUS: 10 daily devotions for a healthy writing life

1. Dedicate space for your writing and advise your family/roommates that when you are there you are unavailable/invisible or my personal favorite- in another dimension. It does not have to be fancy, high-tech or spacious. You need a flat surface, strong light, a plug for your laptop or paper and a writing instrument. I have a lot of street noise where I live. More than once my noise-cancelling headphones have saved my sanity. Use music to go into your space or travel inside your world.

2. Write every day whenever your creativity flows best. It can be early morning or late at night, even lunchtime- if that is all you have. Make this so important you can't miss it. It is a date with yourself and it needs to be a priority. It's conditioning for you to be prepared and dedicated.

3. Exercise. Say what you want, but when you charge up your body your brain will follow and take your creativity and thought process to another level. Take a walk. If you get a break, outside if possible. 15 minutes in nature does wonders for your attitude and well-being. No texting or anything else. Focus on breathing, green or the sky. Release yourself to a quiet world and it will enhance everything.

4. Eat healthy and in small meals throughout the day. Trust me a calzone and a fruit punch sounds pretty great, but your writing will not thank you for it. Eat light then go out and be social. Eat the calzone later.

5. Hydrate. Water, tea and coffee are awesome. I prefer cucumber or strawberry water, then eat the fruit or veg as a snack. My new plan is to not drink coffee after noon and switch to water. Try to stay away from sodas or sugar. You need good energy and sugar does not do that for you.

6. Stop wasting downtime and read great books. Sorry my writerly friend, the days of Candy Crush are officially over. Books, books, books- read everything you can get your hands on. Join a service with free books or dust off your library card. Everything you need to know is there. The librarian is the gatekeeper and you need them. Knowledge is knowledge and it never goes to waste. Your characters are the fiercest, the most intelligent and kickass people in the universe. So you better get cracking honey.

7. Be inspired. Take a trip in your own town or the woods. Smell, taste, touch and listen. Even your kitchen is a wonderland. Smell the cinnamon, enjoy the aroma of brewing coffee and take notes on what it does for you. The senses are an enormous part of writing and the more you understand how it affects you, the better you can apply it in your work. Nice is a not a word, fabulous-ok now we are talking!

8. Do not take every bit of advice you get. Tune into what resonates with you and follow that to where it leads you. Everyone has advice, but it may not be right for you. This is your journey. Keep what you need and leave the rest behind.

9. Do not- I repeat do not call mentally draining people, text them or anything else when they affect you in a manner not conducive to writing. Call them later or better yet…. tomorrow. I have learned to do that with my writing I have to be conductive. When I am exposed to negative, those things affect my ability to flow. I prefer to exercise, speak to no one after and slink off to my hideout to write. I am starting to wonder if trolls are also writers?

10. Be passionate. There will be days when you think this is stupid or a waste of time. You're just a vagrant with a laptop. Perhaps you are, but you are also following your heart and that is the most important thing of all. Heart and soul matters, because the world needs more of that and here we are my friend.

Does this seem like a list for an Ironman or a trek across the wilderness? Good. It is. This is about endurance and patience. If you don't have either right now…if you refer to this list often, you will. If you are serious about being a writer then go on and show us you are. Better yet show yourself, you are worth it.

Aspiring writer? No way! When you have written for a whole month every day, you move from aspiring to functioning. Good luck with your projects and if you can afford it or there is a free creative writing class near you… take it. It will build confidence and maybe you will make some friends along the way. Writing can be the loneliest job in the world. So having another friend who writes is an enormous gift. Be true to what you want, because the dividends are waiting in your future.

If you enjoy my sensibility, Tweet it, FB or forward this to a friend. I am an Indie writer and I can always use a new friend and positive feedback. Thank you for your support and love. Please visit my website and check out what I am working on. I write books and can always use more readership and reviews. They are available on Amazon, Tower Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook. Life is an adventure and I am excited to share mine with you!

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Find your Peace, Love, Hustle & then Write -xoxo Bibiana

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