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Lighthouse Beach

I would like to talk to you about a very special place. It is currently for sale for 25M U.S. dollars. Why is this place so special?

It's just a beach right? Hardly...

Lighthouse Point is profoundly beautiful and untouched, except for a minimal road and the remains of an old Tabby lighthouse.

Many scientific studies have been performed on the Great Pond and coral systems here. There is a stillness that permeates your soul when you reach the rocks unfolding into the crystal clear sea. The only sound is wind rustling in the vegetation and migratory birds hastening back to their nests in the trees surrounding the pond.

The Lucayans, the original inhabitants of this area, left small traces of their society here as well. From time to time an arrowhead or other stone implement is found in the dunes. I imagine them holding this as sacred land, because it most definitely is.

I am aware that some people believe that a luxury resort would help the area grow and employ hardworking islanders. That is true. I saw the devastation left from Hurricane Floyd and I realize that life has been challenging on all counts ever since.

Sparky, my ocean friend from the Bahamas

They are not thinking clearly though, because there is another way.....

Government of the Bahamas and fellow nature enthusiasts. Why not employ locals as guides and naturalists and promote Eco-tourism? A beach is only part of what would be lost here. There is history, endless nature and ancient systems that support life across the Bahamas.

The greatest danger here, is losing something that cannot ever be replaced. Perhaps when you grow up with a paradise like this next to you, you cannot comprehend how astounding it is?

When this 700 acres is purchased, some environmental protections have been put in place. That is not nearly enough and I am heart sick from not being able to purchase it myself and protect it right now. Every time I buy a lottery ticket, saving this magical place is my first goal.

When the private gates go up and the coral is cut. It is too late my friends. No more camping or fishing or anything else that is enjoyed freely there now. My sincere hope is that the birds, turtles and coral will be protected for the entire world to enjoy.

It has been far too long since I had the great fortune to walk here and understand what is really at stake. This is an opportunity to do something amazing and lead by example.

The name ELEUTHERA means freedom. Nature cannot defend herself from us. We must do all possible to preserve this rarest of jewels for generations to come. A million thank you's to my Dutch friend, a passionate climatologist and humanist who has been dilligent in shining a light on this magical place.

Please assist in setting Lighthouse Point free. Forward this post, write to groups who can help. Thank you so much for reading.

Love, Hustle, Write and do your part to help save our planet.

xoxo Bibiana

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