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Bibiana is a multi-genre novelist, world traveler, devoted mother, and wife. She's excited to announce that she recently earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University CW and wrapped up a fantastic writing fellowship with The Young Author Project.
What's next for her? Querying, querying, and querying a generational mystery and always more reading, book reviews to support her community and of course...writing more stories.
Hearth Fires by Bibiana Krall and Veronica Cline Barton is a fantastic six-story collection that will warm your toes and tingle your spine. 


As a Wildheart, Bibiana writes about flawed, female protagonists who desire to reclaim their dignity, power and dreams again. Some are the girl next door type and others are a bit larger than life.


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“What happens when disease lays its claim to those you care about--robbing them of their faculties, thoughts and dreams? When they speak to you through their clouded minds--what should you believe? Author Bibiana Krall takes you on a chilling journey that explores the untapped enigmas that exist somewhere between reality and the spiritual unknowns that wait and watch, biding their time, A goose bump infused read that will chill you 'til the end, highly recommended.” -Veronica Cline Barton, Author - The Crown For Castlewood Manor (Book 1, My American Almost Royal Cousin Series)
Corvus Hall, Book 1-The Irish Phantom Series
“Very suspenseful with just the right amount of descriptive writing to put me in the story. And then there is the ending...holy crap! Bibiana's writing gets better with every new book. If you like creepy cool. Try Alice and Camp Century.” -Angel M., Author - The Keeper  (The Maze Series Book 1)
The Soul Keeper 

I immensely enjoyed this short paranormal read! Few authors have the ability to deliver such a strong plot, vivid imagery, well fleshed out characters, and witty writing within such a short amount of story, however, Krall nails all the elements. The author effectively places us, the reader, square into the time, place, and minds of her characters.
I particularly enjoyed the romantic/mysterious element surrounding Heinrich and Clara. The fact that these two characters actually existed truly blew me away. Although their story was fictionalized, Krall pays these lovers great homage by delivering a hauntingly beautiful tale. Overall, this story is very well written and thoroughly engaging. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!" -Angel Strong, Author - Thandi's Love
“This is an amazing read for anyone! As someone who enjoys all genres this has to be one of my top 10 romance stories I have ever read. The connection between the two of them was so strong that nothing was going to keep them apart! True love always finds its way!” -Melody, voracious reader, and Amazon reviewer

Carolina Spirit
“ ‘I am just a dreamy kid, who hears voices of people who have been dead a long, long time.’The above is just one of many great lines that made me connect instantly and solidly with Gracie Solomons, the young protagonist of this hauntingly beautiful story. A masterpiece of human emotion, this book reads like shear poetry from beginning to end, and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on your heart as well as your soul.

Spending many summers in the region so accurately described in “Carolina Spirit,” I glided smoothly through the pages, feeling like I had been returned to a piece of my past. The author's description is so vivid, I still saw images of the Hilton Head cottage where I'd lived, even days after reading the last page.” -C.M. Turner, Author –Where The Ironweed Blooms