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Bibiana is a multi-genre novelist, world traveler, devoted mother, and wife. She earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University CW and is grateful for the lessons from a writing fellowship with The Young Author Project.
What's next for her? Querying, querying, and querying a generational mystery and always more reading, book reviews to support her community and of course...writing more stories.
Holy batcopter! THE HIVE is here! Los Angeles, the year of awakening, 2070 . A city is devastated by poverty, war and division. Beauty emerges and creates a haven for the lost, unwanted and broken. THE HIVE is known far and wide as the place to find redemption, peace and joy. A young woman finds herself questioning their practices and hierarchy. A sworn member, Melissa #21 is one of the faithful. She must choose to stand up or loose herself, after she sees through the lie.
If she openly questions the King's authority, will she make it out of The Hive alive? Order now!
Written by Bibiana Krall and Veronica Cline Barton, it is a fantastic six-story collection to kick off the reading season and Halloween. Tangled Webs will warm your toes and tingle your spine. 


As a Wildheart, Bibiana writes about flawed, female protagonists who desire to reclaim their dignity, power and dreams again. Some are the girl next door type and others are a bit larger than life.


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The Hive by Bibiana Krall