"The extraordinary collides with the ordinary: Celtic magic and the paranormal, bordering on magical realism, fantasy, paranormal, and mythology."-Advanced Goodreads Review 

#New Release THE RAGE OF DANU-Book 3, The Irish Phantom Series

#NewRelease The Rage of Danu (Book 3-The Irish Phantom Series) is now on Amazon with a paperback available and e-book Boxed set and audio books are on the way, narrated by the talented voice actor and Scottish playwright Ms. Sarah Lawrie.


It's an amazing collaboration that we both hope becomes a trend in how audio is delivered by using a more active voice and the exciting "Radio Drama" style of narration.

Congratulations to British, Children's author, the lovely Serena Hassan on winning the random drawing for all three books in the series! Thank you for being an important part of my reading and writing family.


Corvus Hall-Book 1-The Irish Phantom Series $2.99 e-book and paperback, is a bit experimental, written as closely linked novellas with a fourth and final in the works. (Mont Pelier-Book 4-The Irish Phantom Series)


Loftus Hall-Book 2-The Irish Phantom Series $2.99 e-book or $6.99 in paperback.



Book two is entrenched in Celtic folklore and myth and a bit darker than the first novella. Travel and explore the mysterious world of ancient Ireland with Mary O'Brien!


"Author Bibiana Krall once again takes the reader on a dark tinged journey to come face to face with a past that won't be pushed away." Amazon Review


"I love Ms. Krall‘s gift for the supernatural. She always pulls the reader in with her colorful descriptions. Her eerie depiction of Corvus Hall is creepy enough for all those who love a good haunted house story." Amazon Review

"I loved Corvus Hall! Simply LOVED it! Such a true gem from an amazing author! Bibiana makes you feel as though you are right there traveling through the streets of Ireland with Mary. There were many times I honestly got so enthralled in the story and the characters, that I forgot I wasn’t at Corvus!" Amazon Review

I am so excited to share this epic series with you!


If you love ghosts, haunted places and stories with mystery, you will seriously love this one! The author's notes in the back are not to be missed. It's something new I've started doing and my readers are loving it.


Hold on tight and travel to haunted Ireland with Mary O'Brien!