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Bibiana is an award-winning author, world traveler, devoted mother, and wife. She earned her M.A. in Fiction and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University CW. She's a proud member of The Society of Midland Authors and a Deep Center Writing Fellow. 


What's next for her?


2022 has been a creative and busy year so far. She is working on a novel slated as a feature film collaboration, a stand-alone novel, an annual, award-winning anthology (The Haunted Series -Book #3 coming September 5, 2022) and a brand-new speculative short story (MINT) that might not be as far in the future as one thinks.


Querying, querying, and querying a delicious mystery with a braided narrative, reading, composing book reviews to support her community and writing  vivid stories for you to enjoy.




Mint: A Short Story About the Future (Book #2 The Aether Series) by Bibiana Krall 


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Mint: A Short Story About the Future Order now!


It's the year 2099 and Cerise is alone and running a data facility nicknamed "The Farm."


Left to her own devices she explores a virtual world and when she miscalculates the dosage for a commonly used hallucinogen, she is trapped in a nightmare.


Can she find her way home again?


Welcome to the Aether Series by Bibiana Krall


A collection of short fiction speculating on the future. From cults to A.I. and beyond...you will find these stories surreal, modern and realistic enough to make you wonder if this Dystopian world is what waits for us on the other side.


All the important questions we want to ask, but no one can answer exist in the Aether.


As a Wildheart, Bibiana writes about flawed, female protagonists who desire to reclaim their dignity, power and dreams again. Some are the girl next door type and others are a bit larger than life.


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