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Electro Mint

Dude...are we living in a hologram?

Well, according to an imaginative woman I watched on Instagram Live a few weeks ago we are...

Um.... what in the what what?

A vivid and terrifying dream I had + that lady's bold idea and the neural blender I call an imagination has been on high-speed, in an ice crusher for a month or so.

It began with reading classics like Farenheit 451, Brave, New, World, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and 1984 when I was a teen. Basically anything in literature of the vein that talked about time ticking away and with a romantic or hysterical notion of what modern technology is and or the loss of logic in society leading to something even more distressing and inherently dangerous.

There's a new game in town run by data collection masterminds and I am sure you've heard of it. Where will this new virtual road lead us?

came from an empowerment event in Los Angeles just before the pandemic and now my second story about the future, Mint has arrived!

I've decided to enter it in the U.K. Storyteller contest, so it will be free to read on Kindle Unlimited while it's in the contest, as it's part of the entry requirement. C'est la vie. Bookstore is now open! MINT Get yours today! Paperback is here too!

I won't expound about the ENORMOUS elephant in the room, as in the constant and awful news, the misinformation that swirls like brain draino and the tragic events unfolding, but I will say that a very smart friend saw this unraveling of society coming almost two years ago.

Perhaps not exactly as it is happening, but close enough that I don't sleep the way I used to and Nostradamus is getting more airplay from me in the darkest hours. I have officially taken a hiatus from Twitter. After almost five years and over 60k tweets, I have concluded that my audience is probably elsewhere (someone prove me wrong please) and I am doing a hardcore pivot.

(3/20/22 Update. Well that didn't last long. I am back, but only because someone smarter than me gave me the extended list of why I should. To be honest I did miss my friends. So here I am again like a lunatic fringe with hot-pink eyelashes on.)

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the problems and sadness in the world go away. The only tool I have is my words. Everything fuels my writing and helps me feel in the tiniest possible way that I am not just sitting here like a lump of coal and slowly losing my marbles.

As writers, we are here to document what we see, hear and experience.

Listen to my short addition to the Boom Bang Oh My Gosh Wow Podcast

Many thanks to the wonderful Pat Rullo, the executive producer and amazing philanthropist who is helping homeless women and children.

This observance of our era is the important job of a fiction writer in any year and on any given day. Some creatives will offer beautiful escapism, and that is much needed for us all, while others will see what waits on the other side, try to decipher the signals and to share them.

There is deep merit to both.

Speculative fiction exists in the second head space. You wonder. You mull. You chew the cud like an Angus. You make hay. You shake your head to try and clear the brain fog and consider going off the grid at least once a day...usually around cocktail hour.

Vino Veritas!

No one knows what waits in the future.

Some clearly don't even know if humans are real or a light trick meant to ensnare us...

What I do know is that right now, and not in the future, you can enjoy a digital pal on your phone who will text you a few times a day, respond to you when you feel lonely and apparently talk dirty to you. How far have we gone?

Who knows! Still perplexed about that part. Please come check on me, time and again. I might be building an app. for that, stay tuned. If you're a REAL person send me a message and say hello in the comments, but only if you're NOT a bot or a program.

Does anyone remember the creepy chat lines from the 80s? It just got weirder for real.

Not going down that road, but I am exploring what the world might look like if we leave our bodies and float in cyberspace as avi's, or something else entirely which I will cover in Mint.

Prepare to be freaked out and dazzled by my version of a 'Brave, New, World' where nothing is at it seems and what you don't know in 2099 would defuzz your 'lil peaches... rabbit hole inferno with a futuristic twist.

Just hitching a ride on the strange and eerie feeling that to a certain group of very smart people with a lot of dinero, we are nothing but data to be analyzed. Now that's scary!

Don't fret, I promise to still write about ghosts, romantic magic and the mysterious world. That's my specialty and lately I have even more things to share with you and to wonder about.

If you want to keep up with my new releases, please follow me Goodreads BookBub Amazon

Wicked Mist, book #3 in The Haunted Series with my amazing co-writer Veronica Cline Barton is currently in progress. It's awesome and so cool and you will love it! Sep 6, 2022!

Thank you for your support, thank you for connecting and thank you for subscribing. My dream is to grow my email list so that I can spend more time writing and connecting with my readers right here.

Please take care, take a walk outside, be kind to others and go offline. Sending good vibes only to jam those -- alien frequencies and remember to do the best you can where you are. #Peace

Check out Mint, exclusive on #KindleUnlimited in #ebook with a #paperback to add bling to your bookshelf and if somehow you misssed The Hive, here is your chance to catch up with the series. #BookBloggers #booktubers #BookReviewers #Readers #Yo :-)

Welcome to the Aether Series

A collection of short fiction speculating on the future. From cults to A.I. and will find these stories surreal, modern and realistic enough to make you wonder if this Dystopian world is what waits for us on the other side.

All the important questions we want to ask, but no one can answer exist in the Aether.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Read or Write. xox -Bibiana

Bibiana Krall's Amazon Author Page "All heroines, all the time."

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Unknown member
Mar 18, 2022

Hey there, just saw you were absent from Twitter--a brave move indeed. Your focus, joie de vivre, and talent will carry you far into the future, Bibiana--that I do believe with all my heart. Wish I knew the answers, but at this time, 'I got nuthin...' See you soon in the Wicked world, xoxo #SomewhereInNevada 👽

Mar 18, 2022
Replying to

You're so awesome V! Trying to retrieve my brain from the abyss and place my focus on what moves my creative life forward and makes me happy.

Hitting the pages harder again and clocking the miles to prepare for Tanzania. I've worn out a pair of running shoes and my hiking boots named Grace are broken in and ready! Cannot wait to enter the Wicked Mist and meet Elona. Lol!

Stay cool and keep riding Slick Chic, the grooviest electric bike on the coast! :-)


Cathy Maza
Mar 17, 2022

A virtual friend to text you daily...for real??? And peeps will pay for that? The world is getting ever more creepy, and not in a good way. I shall miss you on Twitter, but a writer has to do what a writer has to do and everyone's path looks different. Can't wait for "Mint"!!!

Mar 17, 2022
Replying to

Isn't that the weirdest?

Apparently some of of them text too much and people have to delete the app. because it starts driving them crazy.

Such a strange world we live in these days. I will certainly miss being able to chat on a dime, but it's time. Thank you for being so dang cool and for being excited with me for the next we go!

xox B

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