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Earth Day 2020

Family vacation in Maine © Bibiana Krall

Nature is where it's at!

There is a modern misconception that saving our planet is partisan or scientific facts about climate change are up for intelligent debate. The need for change and conservation has been proven repeatedly by researchers hoping to show us the way––hoping that we will wake up before it’s too late. Earth Day was conceived by the brilliant notion that we are all responsible and must care for this planet.

A world pandemic has drastically reduced fuel emissions, because everyone who can is sheltering at home. The ones who can’t (our everyday heroes, first responders, healthcare workers, delivery drivers and grocery workers) are surrounded by delivery trucks on the highway, but around here in Savannah and in our cities––the commuter lanes are wide open.

This very same pandemic has prompted people to start growing vegetable gardens for the first time in their lives, take walks with their kids, and unplug from the virtual world with the natural one. What of the resurgence of reading books for pleasure?

Our children are watching and waiting. I imagine they are asking themselves, what will life look like when I grow up?

Literature is not just about escapism; it’s about human connection, philosophy and providing important information. There is an increasing amount of chatter about how things have changed for adults, but the future is and always will be with the next generation.

More importantly books have the ability to create awareness and understanding of how a young person fits into the scheme of life, to teach them to embrace nature and seek a more peaceful existence.

In the past year I have come to know a lovely (on the inside and out) Children’s author named Serena Hassan. A devoted wife and mother of two beautiful girls who are growing up in the U.K. near London. Serena has a strong sense of duty to teach children the importance of good stewardship for our Earth, and its beautiful creatures. Not to mention that this story is funny and whimsical too!

THE TAP-DANCING PIGEON OF CONVENT GARDEN creates environmental awareness via Pigeon’s adventures in London. Please support if you are able by purchasing this book as a gift for someone you know, and vote for her wonderful story in the TCK Reader’s Choice Contest here. *Childrens Book Category

I am off to hug a tree or two and be grateful for the amazing planet that we call home. Happy Earth Day 2020.

Thank you for your fabulous support and interest in my creative endeavors and for being The Literati. Sending love and light to you and yours.

Acadia NP, Mount Desert Island, Maine © Bibiana Krall

If you are low on funds and need a good book to read, please send a message to my contact page and I will do my best to help you out.

Until next time find your Peace, Love, Hustle, then Read or Write. Xox-Bibiana

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1 Comment

Bibiana Krall
Bibiana Krall
Apr 22, 2020

Thank you so much Amy! So true about that! Happy Earth Day! Thanks so much for commenting. I just upgraded my blog and didn't even realize you could comment. :-) You're awesome! Thanks for reading.

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