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Street Tacos

- Being a writer is so much more than just writing. When I am not chained to my desk editing or dreaming up new ideas, I like to explore the world, have fun and once in a while eat great food with the people I love.

Cooking, baking and creating spice mixes are some of my many pleasures. Just as I experiment in my writing, I do the same in my kitchen. I create unusual flavor profiles to make my tongue and brain pop! Yeah baby, yeah!

This weekend I’m super excited that I will see all my sisters and throw a little, street taco party. Not sure if my brothers will show? Hey guys how ‘bout a text? Regardless of communication or lack thereof, I am planning on eating, chatting and chilling with whoever rolls in.

I am in charge of dinner with my family on Saturday night. I imagine that you know the basics of cooking, so I won’t bore you with the details. Hope everyone gets outside has a taco and enjoys life a little. Yum, yum!

“Remember to wash all vegetables thoroughly. If you have a local farm stand, go organic and support local farmers. It’s always better and has a smaller carbon footprint.


Purple Haze

Fajita spiced chicken/beef/or shrimp cooked with chopped, red onions

*Vegetarian style below

Fried Eggplant cubes (dip in milk, and a separate mixture of salt, pepper and breadcrumbs, lightly pan fry in olive oil, drain on a platter covered in paper towels) instead of meat.

Canned black beans, rinsed, drained and heated on stove

Finely shredded purple cabbage

Green tomatillo/or habanero salsa

Sour Cream

White cheddar or smoked Gouda cheese, shredded

Small corn tortillas wrapped in foil and warmed in oven 225 degrees

Green Paradise

Fajita spiced chicken/beef/ or shrimp cooked with chopped Vidalia (Sweet) onions

*Vegetarian style below

Vegetarian (no lard) refried beans heated on stove with salt and pepper, instead of meat.

Fresh, thinly chopped spinach

Fresh, thinly chopped baby kale

Tomato salsa with cilantro

Sour cream

Extra-sharp Vermont white cheddar cheese, shredded

Small corn or flour tortillas wrapped in foil and warmed in oven 225 degrees

The best taco assembly order, corn tortilla (should be doubled,) meat, beans or warm item- use about a tablespoon. Cheese, salsa, veggies, a dollop of sour cream and a dash of hot sauce, Garnish with cilantro. Roll up and enjoy!

Have a table of hot sauces handy away from the other stuff, so people can add their own.

My current fave is Tabasco brand Chipotle, because it’s spicy and smoky. My Mexican and Asian cooking standard is Huy Fong Siracha for straightforward heat and great flavor. I make my own named “Bahama Heat” with habaneros, vinegar, garlic and a few secret ingredients. It’s so hot though; my family won’t eat it anymore. Too much of a good thing?

Serve with sweet tea, fresh lemonade, water or your favorite summer beer. I prefer Pacifico or Red Stripe with my summer tacos.

For a sweet treat after, you can’t go wrong with coconut, pineapple or mango popsicles.

If there are leftovers, (yeah right...) store the veggies in one Tupperware, the cheese in another and the meat separate. So you can have a fabulous lunch the next day.

Life is better with books, family and friends and of course great food. Check out my latest short story (Troika) available in paperback or pre-order your e book now!

About The Author

Bibiana is a small-town girl from the Midwest who left home at an early age and traveled the world. Eventually settling in a historic village near Savannah, Georgia. She made a nest, created a family and built a dynamic career with a passion for culture, travel and private aviation. She recently returned to higher education, earning an MA in Fiction Writing and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, both from Wilkes University CW. She writes novels, and short stories. Bibiana is a Deep Center Writing Fellow and a published poet.

Her novels and short stories can be found on Amazon and her website.

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