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Don't Force It

Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews.

Don’t Force It | Jeyran Main

Today I wish to talk about an important issue that may come across your life. There may come a time where you force certain things on your life. You make sure that they are accomplished whether you are happy about it or not. This could be anything, for instance, school, chores, something in your relationship or worse, you are simply being abused and forced to conduct harmful actions just to please someone else.

The subject may be confusing to some when the task in hand enforces you to get it done. For example, there are cases where you have let the task sit for a while and the deadline is the next day. That’s when you really force yourself to sit and finish it.

What I am pointing out today is something different. I want to bring awareness to the tasks and things in life that you wish to change about yourself, the way you think, the way you feel and the way you decide to deal with them.


The damage and after effects of the force has long lasting consequences. Many will be hard to overcome and it really is counter productive. I think if you force it, then it's most likely not good for you in the first place.

If you are struggling with things in your life then drop me a line or comment below.

A note to others: What are you grateful for? Let me know!

Written by Jeyran Main. "Let your dream be your North Star."

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