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Bibiana Krall & Black Calyx Books
Holiday Bookshop

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Ever since I learned of this Icelandic tradition, I've been obsessed and do it every year at my house. It's simple. Buy books. Real ones or digital and get them wrapped or cued up.


Click on the media player and unmute to enjoy a book trailer. The Getaway: A Holiday Short Story. This short story is guaranteed to give good vibes and bring back the sweet nostalgia of the holidays. Purchase ebook for only.$.99 on link in the bookstore.

Turn on the haunting music video below the fireplace, relax and have a look around. Have you listened to Winter Ghosts Podcast yet? Scroll down for link! Most of the photos are interactive, don't be shy...just click to read more!


If you're overwhelmed by so many choices, don't be. Get in touch using my contact form or hit me up on Instagram @bibianakrall if you can't find the right  book to gift on here, I would be humbled to be your personal librarian.


A new e-reader (the Kindle Paperwhite is my fave, because of the splash-proof cover and light dimmer.) It makes a great gift and will thrill the book-lover on your list. Kindle, Nook, Google Play and Apple iBooks all have free reading apps. as well, if you prefer to read on your tablet or mobile device.


Gift a new story from Bibiana Krall and Black Calyx Books to every person in your house for Christmas Eve or day. Choose from mystery, paranormal suspense, gothic, speculative, futuristic, literary and magical realism, always with a flawed heroine to lead the way.


Secondly, be sure to gift chocolate or sweets for when the sleepy-heads get tucked in all warm and cozy under the blankets. Calories don't ever count on Christmas.


No sugarplums, and no elves required, just an entertaining book and some wonderful chocolate or savory sweets to munch on while you drift away with a new story.


Thank you for shopping small this holiday season and for directly supporting a hard-working mom, wife, fiction writer, and 2.0 creative! 


See you in the mornin' dreamers! 


Happy Holidays, and a special thanks to the Beautiful Ones actively striving for peace, and harmony in our chaotic world. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy and healthy new year! Love to my subscribers, The Literati for your generous support all year long.


Until next time... find your Peace, Love, Hustle, and then Read or Write.


Xox - Bibiana  


Visit Bibiana's Amazon Author Page Here 

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We love Christmas immensely, but let's face it, black has always been in style and I'm more likely than most to rock red lipstick and a black veil with combat boots to a formal dinner. If this sounds like you or someone you know, check out my new project,Winter Ghosts Podcast on Spotify! It's real stories of the paranormal with a garage-band, 80s vibe. Thank you for contributing and for listening!

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